From basic training to home defense to tactical training to instructor certification and situational training using Simunition, we are the only facility with a 360-degree shoothouse in 400 miles.


Each of our ballistic impression and cutaway are hand-crafted (in the USA) for accuracy and sturdiness to ensure a lasting and powerful impression on all your cadets/students.  

business kits & report software

We provide custom operational kits to assist you training your staff, running your agency and easily obtain State licensing. Your operations will be more effective and more lucrative.

we don't do everything but

what we do
we do it well

Our professional staff achievements include hosting over 3,000 student certifications annually, training over 650 Firearms Instructors in the last 6 years, ownership of a US Patent and two Registered Trademarks, developing and providing educational and student management tools for over 50 agencies and schools, including 3 community colleges, authoring 12 books and developing 8 levels of certification and 2 levels of educator accreditations. We have special expertise in training, private security, business building and career development.

All our products are American-Made and American-Owned

security services

We deliver unmatched professional security and services that other agencies cannot. From night-vision equipped patrol to evidence record and speed radar, we keep our clients safe.


we've BEEN everywhere, from our client's homes and businesses to the range to the streets to factories to fortune-500


Quick set up in small spaces, such as a store or show, makes an impressive display of what you sell and puts the focus on the firearms.